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    We have stored all submitted papers from the Nordic conferences on this server. It is a proceedings archive, that is that we are storing for posterity the original papers as they were delivered at the conference. That is, in a similar way to when printed paper is handed out at the conference. This must be emphasized, since many of these papers have later become edited articles in our own or other publications. We have added a rider to every paper that has a later, edited version, but for archival reasons are still maintaining the original version here. However, we ask all who access this archive to respect the wishes of the author and not quote from a paper here if there is a comment to that effect at the head of the paper, or a note saying the paper is published elsewhere. Papers that were later published in a conference volume from the Nordic Society are marked by an *asterisk.

    Third Nordic conference: Joensuu, Finland, 19-22.6 1995

    Ethnic encounter and culture change

    The Mediterranean and beyond

    The Borderland

    Western views on the Middle East

    The Arabs and foreignhood

    Nation states and society

    Islam in society

    Historical studies

    Contemporary history and economy

    Arabic Literature & language

    Turkish communities in Turkey, Europe and Central Asia

    Water resources in the Middle East - historical, political and economic aspects

    Printed volume  


    Fourth Nordic conference: Oslo, Norway, 13-16.8 1998

    The Middle East in a Globalizing World

    Keynote speakers:

    Cultural and political identity in the era of globalization

    Media revolution: The Middle East culturally globalized?

    Towards a global vision of Islam: New formulations in the Diaspora

    Socio-economic aspects of globalisation

    Who is shaping the Middle East? Questions in regional politics

    Globalization: effects on gender relations

    Islamic law between the universal and the particular

    Political Islam in changing environments

    Issues in the Middle East peace process

    Muslim Intellectuals: 20th Century Self-Images of Muslim Intellectuals

    Fifth Nordic conference: Lund, Sweden, 25-28.10.2001

    The Middle East: Interpreting the past

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