The third Nordic conference on Middle Eastern Studies:
Ethnic encounter and culture change
Joensuu, Finland, 19-22 June 1995

Conference Proceedings


The Mediterranean and beyond

The Borderland

Western views on the Middle East

The Arabs and foreignhood

Nation states and society

Islam in society

Historical studies

Contemporary history and economy

Arabic Literature & language

Turkish communities in Turkey, Europe and Central Asia

Water resources in the Middle East ­ historical, political and economic aspects

Several of the papers in this archive orginally contained transliteration from Arabic or other languages in the Latin script. There is currently no standardized way of displaying such tranliteration diacritics on the Web. However, there is an interim solution that will work only for those readers who read from a Macintosh computer and has got the Jaghub fonts installed.

Click here for more information about this option, and here for the contents page for the transliteration versions of the papers.

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