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Ph.D. Seminar in Middle Eastern Studies

The Ph.D. seminar in Middle Eastern studies at the University of Bergen is attached to the Research Group on Middle East and Africa at the AHKR Department, in co-operation with the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, and encompasses all PhD students on the Middle East at the HF and SV faculities. The Ph.D. seminar has three main types of activity: Informal communal lunches once a month; a "theory of science" paper where students working on such present a draft, and an intensive seminar towards the end of the semester.

Ph.D. projects

>> Ph.D. projects in Middle Eastern studies undertaken at the University of Bergen.


  • 1. September: Ph.D. lunch.
          Seminar Room, SMI, 11.30-13.

  • 16. September: Theory of Science Seminar: John Erik Sætren.
          Seminar Room, SMI, 14.15-16.

  • 3. October: Ph.D. lunch.
          Seminar Room, SMI, 11.30-13.

  • October: Theory of Science Seminar: Eirik Hovden.

  • 6. November: Ph.D. lunch.
          Seminar Room, SMI, 11.30-13.

  • November: Theory of Science Seminar: Hilde Kjøstvedt.

  • December: Christmas Seminar.

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