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Sudanic Africa: A Journal of Historical Sources is an international journal that presents and discusses sources for the history of the Sudanic belt of Africa from the Atlantic to the Indian ocean. It typically includes edited texts in Arabic or other languages, with translations and contextual comment, but also articles on method and reviews. It is published annually in a volume of c. 150-200 pages. Previous volumes and subscriptions (ind. $20, inst. $30) are available from:

Sudanic Africa, Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Bergen, Nygårdsgt. 5, PO Box 7800, N-5020 Bergen, Norway.

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Some sample texts, book reviews etc. are available on-line:

Texts and sources
A new series of monographs under the imprint of Sudanic Africa, it contains sources for the study of Africa in and the regions south of the Sahara.
Knut S. Vikør, Sources for Sanusi Studies
[1996; ix, 247 pp.; £ 25]. ISBN 1-85065-310-0.

A source volume with bio-bibliographical material on nineteenth-century Maghrebi Sufism generally and the Sanusiya order and its founder in particular. It also includes the Arabic text of the Fuyudat al-Rabbaniya of Ahmad al-Sharif al-Sanusi and the Risala fi 'l-ijtihad of Hasan al-'Attar.

Fontes Historiae Africanae Bulletin of Information: Selected articles 1979-1987
[2004; 169 pp.; £ 15].

A collection of articles from the out-of-print and rare FHA Bulletin, the predecessor to Sudanic Africa. Revised by their authors for this republication. The book also appears as vol 13 (2002) of the journal Sudanic Africa: A Journal of Historical Studies.


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