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  • Endre Stiansen: 'Overture to imperialism. European trade and economic change in the Sudan in the nineteenth century' (1994, History).
  • Gunnar Sørbø: 'Micro-macro issues in rural development : a study of economic adaptions and environmental problems in Eastern Sudan' (1994, Anthropology).
  • Terje Tvedt: 'Norwegian views on the non-European world in the 1970s and 80s: an example of cross-cultural representations' * (1994, Development studies).

  • Omer Egeimi: 'The political ecology of subsistence crisis in the Red Sea Hills, Sudan' (1995, Geography).
  • Moslih Kanaaneh: 'Left behind: Palestinians in the Jewish state' (1995, Anthropology)
  • Tone Bleie: 'Brides for ruin: grooms for wealth? Marriage prestations in rural Bangladesh' (1995, Anthropology).
  • Eldar Bråten: 'Riddles of inverted being: A case of self and fellowship formation in Yogyakarta, Java' (1995, Anthropology).

  • Kirsten Alsaker Kjerland: '"Cattle breed, shillings don't": the belated incorporation of the abaKuria into modern Kenya' (1996, History).
  • Zahra Kamalkhani: 'Women's Islam: religious practice among women in today's Iran' (1996, Anthropology).
  • Albrecht Hofheinz: 'Internalising Islam: Shaykh Muhammad Majdhub, scriptural Islam and local context in early nineteenth-century Sudan' (1996, History).

  • Frode Fadnes Jacobsen: 'A medical-anthropological study of children's health in the Red Sea Hills, Sudan' (1997, Anthropology).
  • A. Asaduzzaman: 'Urban sweepers in Bangladesh: caste and community, religion and dignity' (1997, Anthropology).

  • Kjell Hødnebø: 'Cattle, corn and crisis: agrarian and ecologial change in South Sudan' (1998, History)
  • Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Shouk: 'Dar Bidayriyya Nazirate of Northern Kordofan: traditional leadership in a society in transformation' (1998, History)

  • Mark Sedgwick:'The heirs of Ahmad ibn Idris: The spread and normalization of a Sufi order, 1799-1996' (1999, History).
  • Vibeke Vågenes:'Women of the interior, Men of the exterior. The gender order of Hadendowa nomads, Red Sea Hills, Sudan' (1999, Geography).
  • Inger Marie Okkenhaug: '"The quality of heroic living of high endeavour and adventure": Anglican Mission, women and education in Palestine, 1888-1948' (1999, History).

  • Marit Tjomsland: 'This, but also the other: Expressions of the Islamic Trend in Tunisia' (2000, Sociology).
  • Else J. Kleppe: 'Material and verbal manifestations of socio-cultural institutions in an African kingship: The Shilluk of southern Sudan' (2000, Archaeology).
  • Anne K. Bang: 'Sufis and scholars of the sea: The Sufi and family networks of Ahmad ibn Sumayt and the tariqa 'Alawiya in East Africa, c. 1860-1925' (2000, History).

  • Vemund Aarbakke: 'The Muslim Minority of Greek Thrace' (2001, History).
  • Ståle Knudsen: 'Entangled Knowledges of the Black Sea. Confrontation and Convergence between Turkish Fishermen and Marine Scientists' (2001, Anthropology).
  • Are Knudsen: 'Boundaries of Belongingness in the Palas Valley, Pakistan' (2001, Anthropology).

  • Arne Haugen: 'The Establishment of National Republics in Soviet Central Asia' (2002, History)
  • Sevil Sümer: 'Global Issues / Local Troubles: A Comparative Study of Turkish and Norwegian Urban Dual-Earner Couples' (2002, Sociology)

  • Munzoul Abdalla Assal: 'Beyond labelling : Somalis and Sudanese in Norway and the challenge of homemaking' (2003, Anthropology).
  • Lars Gule: "Social development and political progress in two traditions : a conceptual and comparative analysis of Western and Arab-Islamic ideas of social and political change and improvement" (2003, Philosophy)
  • Kristin Kanzari: 'Perspectives from Islam and science on gender and knowledge' (2003, Philosophy)
  • Nefissa Naguib, 'Knowing Water: Palestinian women between the spring and the faucet' (2003, Anthropology)
  • Kari G. Telle: 'Place, hearth and ritual: Contested practices in a Muslim community in Central Lombok' (2003, Anthropology)

  • Nils Anfinset: 'Secondary products, pastoral nomads and the introduction of metal: The 5th and 4th millennia BC in the Southern Levant and Northeast Africa' (2005, Archaeology)

  • Christine M. Jacobsen: 'Staying on the straight path. Religious identities and practices among young Muslims in Norway' (2006, Anthropology).
  • Eivind Seland: 'Indian Ocean in Antiquity: Trade and the emerging state' (2006, History).
  • Margrete Søvik: 'The social benefit of domesticated religion. Islamic instruction in German public schools, 1979-2001' (2006, History).

  • Gerd Marie Ådna: '"O son of the two sacrifices" : Muhammad and the formation of sacrifice in early Islam' (2007, History of Religions)


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