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Research Group in Middle Eastern and African studies

Earlier events


  • 5 March: Anne Bang: "Global Cities"
  • 15 April: Henriette Hafsaas, "The Kingdom of Kush - A Centre on the Periphery of the Bronze Age World System in Afro-Eurasia"

The group also co-operates with other centres that have activities within the same topic:

Guest lectures at SMI / Unifob Global:

  • 8 April: Annette Haaber Ihle: "Islam, Madrassa and Citizenship in Ghana".
  • 21 April: Terence Walz: "Habasha, Sudaniyin, Barabra and Takarna: African Slaves and Freedmen/Women in Cairo as Reflected in the 1848 Census"
  • 22 April: Terence Walz: "Egyptian and Sudanese Merchants and Traders in Cairo and Asyut in the mid 19th century"

Department seminars

  • 6 March: Randi Håland: "Lokale funn i global kontekst; fra Nildalen og Afrika til Levanten og India"
  • 10 April: Inger Marie Okkenhaug and Karina Hestad Skeie: "Misjon som transnasjonal mobilisering, 1860-1960"
  • 25 September: Chris Henshilwood: "Origins of human behaviour".

Guest lectures in African archaeology

  • 14. March: Bertram Baltasar Mapunda, University of Dar es Salaam: "The Ethnic history of the Fipa of Tanzania".
  • 11 April: Azhari Mustafa Sadig Ali, Universiy og Khartoum: "The Rise and fall of the Neolithic in Central Sudan. 2000 Years Gap between Neolithic and Meroe: A Reassessment of Archaeological Theories".


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