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One of the main focuses of research in Bergen and the AHKR is the study of Islam in Africa. This is manifested in the Sudan studies focus, but also involves studies on Eastern and Southern Africa, in particular. A number of research projects centre around this, thus e.g. the "Madrasa" and "Global Cities" projects.

Another manifestation of this is the journal Sudanic Africa, published from Bergen, in a long-standing co-operation with Northwestern University, and in particular its Institute for the study of Islamic Thought in Africa. Another publication from this co-operation is the multi-volume bio-bibliography of Muslim authors in Africa, Arabic Literature of Africa, edited by John Hunwick of Northwestern and R.S. O'Fahey of Bergen.

The research area is also linked to the Nordic Network for the study of Islam in Africa, which held its second workshop in Bergen in September 2008.

Seminars and lectures are organized around this topic.

Recent guest lectures and seminars

  • 3.11.08: Jeremy Prestholdt, San Diego / guest researcher UiB: "The Most Wanted Man in Africa: Fazul Abdullah Muhammad and the Myth of the Master terrorist". Seminar room, SMI, 14.15-16.
  • 30.10.08: Liazzat Bonate, Maputo / guest researcher UiB, "The regulation of family life among Muslims of Pemba city, northern Mozambique". Meeting room, Unifob Global. 14.15-16.
  • 24.10.08: Abdel Sheriff, Zanzibar / guest researcher UiB: "Slavery and Manumission in the Persian Gulf, first half of the twentieth century". Seminar room, SMI, 14.15-16.
  • 21.10.08: Kai Kresse, St. Andrews / Berlin: "'Sauti ya Haki' - an Islamic newspaper and social debates among Muslims in postcolonial Kenya (1972-1982)". Guest lecture. Seminar room 1, AHKR, 14.15-16.
  • 7.10.08: Abdulkadir Hashim, Nairobi / guest researcher UiB: "The administration of Islamic law in East Africa". Seminar room, SMI, 14.15-16.
  • 18-19.9.08: Nordic workshop on Islam in Africa (with Unifob Global). Seminar room, Unifob Global/SMI, Thursday 12-17; Friday 9-16.30.
  • 8.4.08: Anette Haaber Ihle, Copenhagen. "Islam, Madrasa and Citizenship in Ghana"

  • 23.11.07: Terje Østebø, Stockholm and Bergen: "Salafism in Locality: Religious Change Among the Muslim Oromo in Bale, Ethiopia"
  • 28.09.07: Abdel Sheriff, Zanzibar: "Indian Ocean: The Largest Cultural Continuum Before the Coming of the Portugese"
  • 31.05.07: Elke Stockreiter, Bergen: "Islamic law, customary norms and the institution of marriage in colonial Zanzibar"

  • 24.2.06: Sindre Bangstad, Leiden: "Turning black: Conversions to Islam among black Africans in contemporary Cape Town" - and:
  • 23.2.06: -- "Multiculturalism - South African Style: Transformations of Muslim Personal Law and Implications for Muslim Women in Polygynous Marriages in Cape Town, South Africa" (SMI)


See also the Sudan page for activities relating particularly to this country.


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