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Islamology / Middle East inter-regional

  • 'Ahmad ibn Idris and the Idrisi tradition' (R.S. O'Fahey, History)
  • 'Edition of Nag Hammadi Codex XI, 1' (Einar Thomassen, History of Religions)
  • 'The Sharia in the modern world: faith, norms and state power' (Knut S. Vikør, History)
  • 'Islam and society (Islam in Local contexts)' (Leif Manger, Anthropology)
  • 'The meaning of ijtihad in the 18-19th centuries: A study of al-Sanusi's Iqaz al-wasnan' (Knut S. Vikør, History)
  • 'Valentinianism' (Einar Thomassen, History of Religions)
  • 'Women's roles in in the process of Islamization' (Karin Ask, CMI)

    >> See also Doctoral projects: Lied, Momrak, Farstad, Saetren; and Master projects: Axelsen, Birkeland, Nerhus, Nordli, Møller Pedersen, Risjord, Storhaug, Svendsen, Valen, Aasland. See also 'Research focuses', above.

    >> See Master projects: Slang
  • 'The letters of Muhammad b. 'Ali al-Sanusi (1787-1859)' (Knut S. Vikør, SMI).
West & sub-saharan Africa in general Egypt
  • 'Ethical and religious motifs in Egyptian sung narratives' (Joseph Bell, Arabic, with Bjørg Halvorsen, Oslo)
  • 'Studies of institutional ways of dealing with water resource conflicts' (Terje Tvedt, CDS)

    >> See also Sudan: Pierce; Doctoral projects: Lunde, Steiner; and Master projects: Arstad, Bratsberg, Kjosås, Polster, Tjosevik, Valen, Aasland.

  • 'Archaeology / Botany (The Sudan Programme II) (Anwar Magid, Archaeology)
  • 'The cultural landscape of the Nile valley and hinterland. (Anwar Magid, Archaeology)
  • 'Islamic Hegemonies in the Sudan' (R.S. O'Fahey, History; with G. Warburg, Haifa).
  • 'Islamization, Arabization and modernization as factors in socio-cultural change in Liri, the southern Nuba mountains of the Sudan' (Leif Manger, Anthropology)
  • 'The principles of native administration in the Sudan' (Anders Bjørkelo, History).
  • 'Sources for the history of Nubia: Fontes Historiae Nubiorum' (Tomas Hägg, Richard H. Pierce &al, Classics.)
  • 'State and land in Africa, with special reference to Darfur and Kanem-Borno' (R.S. O'Fahey, History; with J.O. Hunwick, Northwestern U. and H. Bobboyi, Kaduna, Nigeria)
  • 'Theories on the relationship nature-society, focusing on fresh water issues' (Terje Tvedt, CDS).

    >> See also Egypt: Tvedt; Doctoral projects: Hafsaas, Tønnesen, Vezzadini; and Master projects: Heierland, Hellum, Rokkan, Vambheim.

Horn of Africa East and South Africa / Indian Ocean
  • 'Arabic Literature of Africa, vol 3: East and northeast Africa' (R.S. O'Fahey, History).
  • 'The financing and organisation of coastal and transoceanic trade in East Africa, South Arabia and India in the 19th century' (Anders Bjørkelo, History)
  • 'Integration or cosmopolitization? Family history and identity in East Africa and South Arabia, c. 1850-1945' (Anne K. Bang, SMI)

    >> See also Palestine: Okkenhaug; and Doctoral projects: Natvig, Woldeselassie. See also Research focuses, 'Indian Ocean', above.

Yemen, Arabia Gulf countries
  • 'Development without tears? The cases of Kuwait and Bahrain' (Anh Nga Longva, Anthropology)
  • 'Democracy between tribalism, Islam and the welfare state: perspectives from Kuwait' (Anh Nga Longva, Anthropology).
Palestine / Israel Jordan
  • 'Early planning history in the Jordan basin' [part of 'Lower Jordan Valley project'] (Terje Tvedt, CDS)

    >> See also Egypt: Tvedt; and Master Projects: Halsnes, Voll.

  • 'Religion, family law and the construction of identities in Syria and Lebanon' (Knut S. Vikør, History with Rania Maktabi).

    >> See also Master projects: Nygård, Østhus, Rydningen.

  • 'Marine knowledges in the Turkish Black Sea region and beyond. Further explorations into technology, power, and identity' (Ståle Knudsen, Anthropology)

    >> See Doctoral projects: Fosshagen, Ter-Matevoysan; and Master projects: Hanssen, Møller Pedersen.

  • 'Women, Islam and Human Rights in Modern Iran: The Influence of Religion, Law and Culture' (Sinding Aasen, Law)

    >>See also Master projects: Jakobsen, Roald, Sæther.


  • 'Gender differentiated assistance in situations of conflict. The case of Afghanistan' (Karin Ask, CMI, with Kate Halvorsen).

    >> See also Master projects: Fet.

  • 'Processes of regional integration in northern Pakistan' (Tor Aase, Geography).

    >> See also Master projects: Lona, Zomorodi.

South Asia Indonesia / South East Asia
  • 'Enterprising Semarang: Value flow and economic adaptation in small-scale family businesses' (Eldar Bråten, Anthropology)
  • 'Migrants and entrepreneurs in Insular Southeast Asia': Negotiating globalisation and marginalisation' (Eldar Bråten, Anthropology)
Norway - Muslim immigrants in Europe and Americas Research aids
  • 'Electronic storage and manipulation of literary, religious and ethical texts in Arabic and Turkish' (Joseph Bell, Arabic).
This list is based on the information received from the scholars and existing online surveys.


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