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al Azhar, Kairo Middle Eastern and Islamic studies in Bergen cover a wide field both geographically and thematically, certain common focuses stand out and cut across departmental and subject boundaries; and also unite a number of independent individual and joint research projects. The Middle Centre are working to promote these cross-departmental links by establishing some more long-term 'research focuses' around these individual projects.

Two such research focuses with which Bergen has been associated, on the hand 'Society and Culture around the Indian Ocean', on the other 'The interaction of Islam with society' (with particular attention, respectively, to Africa and to Europe/Norway).

In 2008, a new over-arching "Research Group" was set up at the Department of Archaeology, History, Culture Studies and Religion (AHKR). The Centre coordinates closely with this group, which brings together various research projects and focuses of this region.
Under this group is also organized Ph.D.-seminar on the Middle East, covering the various fields of humanities and social sciences.

See also the survey of individual Research Projects.


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