University of Bergen

Academic Staff

Staff members at the University whose research are fully or partly within Middle Eastern studies, with countries of main interest.

Department of Archaeology, History, Culture Studies and Religion @ahkr
Øisteins gt. 3, N-5007 Bergen [Fax: 5558 9654]


History Culture Studies
  • Haci Akman, Dr., Assoc. Professor (Turkey) (tel. 5558 2232)
History of Religions

Department of Comparative Politics @ isp
Christies gt. 15, N-5007 Bergen [Fax: 5558 2175]

  • Liv Tønnessen, Research fellow (Lebanon, Syria, Sudan) (tel. 5557 4376)

Department of Foreign Languages @if
Sydnesplass 7, N-5007 Bergen [Fax: 5558 4260].


Department of Geography @geog
Fosswinckelsgt 6, N-5007 Bergen [Fax: 55 58 30 99]
Faculty of Law @jur
Magnus Lagabøtes plass 1, N-5010 Bergen [Fax: 5558 9510]
Department of Linguistic, Literary and esthetic studies @lle
Sydnesplass 7, N-5007 Bergen [Fax: 5558 9660] Classical studies

Department of Music - The Grieg Academy @grieg
Lars Hilles gt. 3, N-5015 Bergen [Fax: 5558 6960]

Department of Social Anthropology @sosantr
Fosswinckelsgt. 6, N-5007 Bergen [Fax: 5558 9260]
Department of Sociology @sos
Fosswinckelsgt. 6, N-5007 Bergen [Fax: 5558 9199]

Bergen Museum @bmu
Harald Hårfagresg. 1, N-5007 Bergen [Fax: 5558 9364]

  • Else J. Kleppe, Dr., Assoc. Professor (Sudan, East Africa) (tel. 5558 3127)

Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK) @skok
Allégt. 34, N-5015 Bergen [Fax 5558 9664].
Unifob Global (Centre for Development Studies) @global
Nygårdsgt. 5, N-5015 Bergen. Office 5558 9309 [Fax 5558 9892]. Professor Leif Manger (tel. 5558 9267) is director of Unifob Global.
Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (SMI) @smi
Nygårdsgt. 5, N-5015 Bergen. Office 5558 2647 [Fax 5558 9891]. Professor Bjørkelo, is also attached to the History department.

Translation of titles used:

  • Associate Professor: Førsteamanuensis
  • Professor seconded: Professor II (20 pct. position at Bergen)
  • Research associate: Forsker
  • Research fellow: Forskingsstipendiat (often Ph.D. students with a 3-4 year salaried contract and some teaching obligations).
    NFR: Norwegian Research Council, a major funding body.

    Persons with marked (underline) names can be reached by e-mail. Bergen e-mail addresses are standardized in this way: FirstName.LastName@Department.uib.no. The @-signature of each department is indicated beside its name above. Scandinavian characters are changed in the pattern æ > a; ø > o; å > a. Thus, Joseph Norment Bell at Foreign Languages (@if) is: joseph.bell@if.uib.no and Anders Bjørkelo at anders.bjorkelo@smi.uib.no.


    Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (SMI)
    Phone + 47 55 58 26 47, fax + 47 55 58 98 91, e-mail: post@smi.uib.no
    Postal address: SMI, University of Bergen. PO Box 7800 Bergen, Norway
    Visiting address: SMI, 5th floor , Stein Rokkans Hus, Nygårdsgaten 5, 5015 Bergen