Sudanic Africa

Volume 2, 1991


A Land Dispute in Berber, Anders Bjørkelo and Ahmad Abu Shouk (1-28)

The Man Who Believed in the Mahdi, Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Salim and Knut S. Vikør (29-52)

Aspects of Fur Culture or Felkin Revisited: Arkell's Discussion of a 19th Century Traveller's Report with Six Fur Prisoners at al-Fashir, Jörg Adelberger (53-77)

The Archives of Shoba: Part Two, R.S. O'Fahey (79-112)

The Death of Ahmad al-Rifi: The Passing of a Generation of Sanusi History, Lidwien Kapteijns and Jay Spaulding (113-124)

Falkeiana I: A Poem by Ibn al-Sabbagh (Dan Marina) in Praise of the Amir al-Mu`minin Kariyagiwa, Hamidu Bobboyi and John Hunwick (125-138)

Al-'Aqib al-Anusammani's Replies to the Questions of Askiya al-Hajj Muhammad: the Surviving Fragment, John Hunwick (139-163)


The Writings of Nasiru Kabara (Muhammad al-Nasir al-Kabari), Roman Loimeier (165-174)

Notes and Communcations

A Note on Askiya al-hajj Muhammad's Meeting with al-Suyuti, John O. Hunwick(175-176)

Urimellis, Jörg Adelberger (177-178)

More on the Idrisi Tradition in the Sudan, Albrecht Hofheinz (179-182)

Recent Books

Jean-Paul Lebeuf and Johannes Hermann Immo Kirsch, Ouara, ville perdue (John E. Lavers) (183-188)

Dissertations in African History at the University of Bergen (189-198)

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