Sudanic Africa

Volume 3, 1992


From Slaves to Coolies: Two Documents from The Nineteenth-Century Somali Coast, Lidwien Kapteijns and Jay Spaulding (1-8)

Sons of a Hidden Imam. The Genealogy of the Mirghani Family, Albrecht Hofheinz (9-27)

A Sultanic charter from Sinnar, Anders Bjørkelo and Ahmad Ibrahim Abu Shouk (29-39)

The Capitulation of the Omdurman Notables, Robert S. Kramer (41-55)

A Prince and his Neighbours, R.S. O'Fahey (57-93)

Falkeiana II: A Letter from the Amir of Mafara to the Amir of Zamfara, John O. Hunwick / Paul E. Lovejoy (95-108)

A Letter from Ki-Toro Mahamman Gaani, King of Busa (Borgu, Northern Nigeria) about the "Kisra" Stories of Origin (c. 1910), P.F. de Moraes Farias (109-132)

Studies in the Ta'rikh al-fattash II: An Alleged Charter of Privilege issued by Askiya al-hajj Muhammad to the descendants of Mori Hawgaro, John O. Hunwick (133-148)


The Sanusi Letters: A checklist, Knut S. Vikør (149-162)

The Writings of the Sudanese Mahdi: Dr. M.I. Abu Salim's Edition: A Progress Report, Anders Bjørkelo and R.S. O'Fahey (163-164)

Notes and communications

Collaborative Research in the Recovery of Documentation on the Conquest of the Sokoto Caliphate, Paul E. Lovejoy and Sydney Kanya-Forstner(165-172)

CEDRAB: The Centre de Documentation et de Rechcerches Ahmad Baba at Timbuktu,John O. Hunwick (173-181)

Book Reviews

Ahmad Baba al-Tinbukti, Nayl al-ibtihaj bi-tatriz al-dibaj (John O. Hunwick) (182-185)

Bibliography of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies ln Japan 1868-1988 (John E. Philips)(186)

World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts, Volume 1 (R.S. O'Fahey) (187-189)

Books received (189)

Marked (underlined) notes and communications are available on-line.

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