Sudanic Africa

Volume 4, 1993


Special issue on Kano

John Ellis Lavers 1936 - 1993: Writings Published and Unpublished, John O. Hunwick (1-6)

Papers on Kano: edited by Paul E. Lovejoy

C.L. Temple's 'Notes on the History of Kano' [1909]: A Lost Chronicle on Political Office, Paul E. Lovejoy, Abdullahi Mahadi, and Mansur Ibrahim Mukhtar (7-76)

Five Letters from the Sokoto Archives Bearing on the Kano Civil War, John Edward Philips (77-94)

Not Yet The Kano Chronicle: King-lists With and Without Narrative Elaboration from Nineteenth-Century Kano, John O. Hunwick (95-130)

A Bibliography of Kasar Kano, John O. Hunwick (131-154)

Imam Umaru's Account of the Origins of the Ilorin Emirate: a Manuscript in the Heinz Sölken Collection, Frankfurt, Stefan Reichmuth (155-173)

Relations of the Borno 'Ulama` with the Sayfawa Rulers: the Role of the Mahrams, Hamidu Bobboyi (175-204)

Notes and communications

Arabic Literature of Africa, a Multi-volume Work of Reference (205-207)

The Saharan Studies Association (208-209)

Catalog of Arabic Script Manuscripts at Northwestern University (210-212)


Stanislaw Pilaszewicz, The Zabarma conquest of North-west Ghana and Upper Volta. A Hausa narrative 'Histories of Samory and Babatu and others' by Mallam Abu (Ivor Wilks) (213-222)

John Hanson and David Robinson, After The Jihad: the Reign of Ahmad al-Kabir in the Western Sudan (Timothy Cleaveland) (223-228)

Muhammad Sa'id al-Qaddal, Lawha li-tha`ir sudani: al-Imam al-Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad b. 'Abd Allah (1844-1885) (Heather Sharkey) (229-233)

Bernd Radtke, 'Lehrer­Schuler­Enkel: Ahmad b. Idris, Muhammad 'Utman al-Mirgani, Isma'il al-Wali' (Albrecht Hofheinz) (234-239)

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