Sudanic Africa

Volume 5, 1994


Mervyn Hiskett, 1920 - 1994. A Bibliography of his Published Academic Writings, John O. Hunwick / Graham Furniss (1-6)

Women of the Zar and Middle-Class sensibilities in Colonial Aden, 1923-1932, Lidwien Kapteijns and Jay Spaulding (7-38)

New Arabic Documents from Somalia, B.W. Andrzejewski and I.M. Lewis (39-56)

From Slaves to Benefactors: The Habashis of Mamluk Cairo, Carl F. Petry (57-66)

Ahmad Zayni Dahlan's al-Futuhat al-islamiyya: A Contemporary View of the Sudanese Mahdi, Heather J. Sharkey (67-75)

A Bill of Sale from the Heartland of Sinnar, Neil McHugh (77-84)

Three Traditional Prescriptions from the Nineteenth Century Sudan, 'Ali Salih Karrar (85-93)

Mahdist Oral Praise Poetry as a Historical Source: Qurashi Muhammad Hasan's Qasa`id min shu'ara` al-Mahdiyya, Heather J. Sharkey (95-110)

Creating History: A Case from the Sudan, G. Makris (111-148)

Rinderpest in the Sudan 1888-1890: The Mystery of the Missing Panzootic, John Rowe, with comments by Kjell Hødnebø (149-178)

Falkeiana III: The Kitab al-tarsil, an Anonymous Manual of Epistolatory and Notary style, John O. Hunwick (179-184)

Adamu Jakada's Intelligence Reports, 1899-1901, Philip A. Afeadie (185-224)

Text-centred Research: Fitna as a Case Study and a Way Forward for Guests in the House of African Historiography, Humphrey J. Fisher (225-260)


Angelika Jakobi and Tanja Kummerle (comp.), The Nubian Languages. An Annotated Bibliography (Herman Bell)(261-265)

Neil McHugh, Holymen of the Blue Nile: The Making of an Arab-Islamic Community in the Nilotic Sudan, 1500-1850 (Heather J.Sharkey) (266-269)

Marina Tolmacheva (trans., ed.), The Pate Chronicle (Matthew A. Cenzer) (270-273)

Selena Axelrod Winsnes (trans., ed.), Letters on West Africa and the Slave Trade (Ivor Wilks) (274-276)

Geoffrey Roper (ed.), World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts. Vol. II (R.S. O'Fahey) (277-278)

Books received (279)

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