Sudanic Africa

Volume 6, 1995


A Letter From Sayyid Muhammad 'Abd Allah Hasan to the British Governor of Somaliland, June 1905, Lidwien Kapteijns (1-10)

Administrative Reform in the Mahdist State: An Example from the Rubatab, 1303/1885, Jay Spaulding (11-16)

Tabaqat of the Twentieth-Century Sudan: Arabic Biographical Dictionaries as a Source for Colonial History, 1898-1956, Heather J. Sharkey (17-34)

A Sacred Community: Scholars, Saints, and Emirs in a prayer text from Ilorin, Stefan Reichmuth (35-54)

Consul Dupuis and Wangara: A Window on Islam in Early Nineteenth-Century Asante, Ivor Wilks (55-72)

Studies on the Sources of the Kitab Rimah Hizb al-Rahim of al-hajj 'Umar, Bernd Radtke (73-113)

Glaubenskampf oder Machtkampf? Der Aufstand der Malé von Bahia nach einer islamischen Quelle, Rosemarie Quiring-Zoche (115-124)


The Life and Writings of a Sudanese Historian: Muhammad 'Abd al-Rahim (1878-1966),'Ali Salih Karrar, Yahya Muhammad Ibrahim and R.S. O'Fahey (125-136)

Some Recent Sudanese Biographies, Memoirs, and Histories (including Music): A Bibliographical Note, R.S. O'Fahey (137-155)

Notes and communications

A Hitherto 'Unknown' Darfur King-List, R.S. O'Fahey (157-169)

Arabic Literature of Africa: A Progress Report, John O. Hunwick / Alhaji Garba Sa'idu (170-182)

John E. Lavers: Writings: Addenda (183)


The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World (John O. Hunwick) (184-189)

Shorter notices (190-192)

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