Sudanic Africa

Volume 8, 1997


Richard Leslie Hill 1901 - 1996: Writings (1-15)

Some Notes on the Account-Book of amir 'Abd al-Shakur b. Yusuf (1783-94) of Harar, Ahmed Zekaria (17-36)

The Legal Methodology of the Mahdi of Sudan, 1881-1885: Issues in Marriage and Divorce, Aharon Layish (37-66)

Governors of Kordofan (1821-1955), Ahmed I. Abu Shouk (67-83)

Between Niger and Nile: New Light on the Fulani Mahdist Muhammad al-Dadari, John O. Hunwick, Sydney Kanya-Forstner, Paul Lovejoy, R.S. O'Fahey and al-Amin Abu-Manga (85-108)

Arabic Papers from the olubadan Chancery I: A rebellion of the Ibadan Chieftains or At the Origins of Yoruba Arabic Prose, Isaac A. Obunbiyi and Stefan Reichmuth (109-135)

A Sudanese Missionary to the United States: Satti Majid, "Shaykh al-Islam in North America", and his Encounter with Noble Drew Ali, Prophet of the Moorish Science Temple Movement, Ahmed I. Abu Shouk, John O. Hunwick and R.S. O'Fahey (137-192)

Notes and communications

Fontes Historiae Africanae: A Guide for Scholars Submitting Proposals (193-195)


'Awn al-Sharif Qasim, Mawsu'at al-qaba`il wa'l-ansab fi 'l-Sudan ('Ali Salih Karrar) (196-199)

Ernst Damman and Ewald Wagner, Afrikanische Handschriften, I-II (R.S. O'Fahey) (200-202)

Shorter notices (203)

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