Sudanic Africa

Volume 9, 1998


Tales which Persist on the Tongue: Arabic Literacy and the Definition of Communal Boundaries in sharif 'Aydarus's Bughyat al-amal, Scott S. Reese (1-17)

Two Sudanese Midwives, Heather J. Sharkey (19-38)

The Takfir Debate: Sources for the Study of a Contemporary Dispute among African Sufis. Part I: The Nigerian Arena, Rüdiger Seesemann, (39-70)

Modibbo al-hajj Usmanu (1884-1970): The Life of a Muslim Teacher and Judge in Bogo (North Cameroon), Aboubakary Modibo Amadou and Hamadou Adama (71-89)

Your Humble Servant: The Memoirs of 'Abd Allah al-Ghadamisi of Kano, 1903-1908. Part II: Serving Colonial Masters, Muhammad Sani Umar and John O. Hunwick (91-134)

Arabic Papers from the olubadan Chancery II: Toying with the Caliphate, Isaac A. Ogunbiyi and Stefan Reichmuth (135-61)


Arabic Writings on zar, Richard Johan Natvig (163-78)

Book Reviews

T. Eide, T. Hägg, R.H. Pierce and L. Török (eds.), Fontes Historiae Nubiorum I-III (Herman Bell), (179-86)

Sidi 'Umar b. 'Ali, Fihris makhtutat Markaz Ahmad Baba li'l-tawthiq wa'l-buhuth al-ta'rikhiyya (John O. Hunwick), (187-91)

Ousmane Kane, Fihris makhtutat maktabat al-shaykh Mur Mbay Sisi ... (John O. Hunwick), (192-4)

Ulrich Rebstock, Fihris makhtutat Shinqit wa-Wadan (John O. Hunwick), (195-6)

Shorter notices (197)

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