Sudanic Africa

Volume 10, 1999


A Tale of Three shambas: Shafi'i-Ibadi legal cooperation in the Zanzibar Protectorate. Part I, Anne K. Bang and Knut S. Vikør (1-26)

'The Defeat of the Infidels': A Poem by Sayyid Muhammad 'Abd Allah Hasan of Somalia, Mursal Farah Afdub and Lidwien Kapteijns (27-47)

The Musabba'at of Jugo Jugo: Three Documents, R.S. O'Fahey and Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Shouk (49-64)

The Takfir Debate. Part II: The Sudanese Arena, Rüdiger Seesemann (65-110)

The Private Papers of Alfa Ya'qub of Ikirun, Nigeria, c. 1890-1965: An Initial Overview , Isaac A. Ogunbiyi (111-32)


A Bibliography of the Mahdist state in the Sudan (1881-1898), Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Shouk (133-68)

Notes and Communications

A Note on 'Uthman b. Fodiye's so-called 'Ishriniyya, John O. Hunwick(169-72)

Book Reviews

Jamie Bruce-Lockhart and John Wright (eds.), Difficult & Dangerous Roads: Hugh Clapperton's Travels in Sahara and the Fezzan (Knut S. Vikør)(173-7)

Books received (178-9)

SAJHS: Ten-Year Index 1990-1999 (180-213)

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