Sudanic Africa

Volume 11, 2000


A Tale of Three shambas. Part II, Anne K. Bang and Knut S. Vikør (1-24)

'Parting Words of Wisdom' (Dardaaran): A Poem by Sayyid Muhammad 'Abd Allah Hasan of Somalia, Mursal Farah Afdub, Lidwien Kapteijns, and Hasan Farah Warfa (25-34)

Letters from Fulani rulers in Northern Cameroon: lamido Mohammadou Njidda of Bibemi (1870-1945), Hamadou Adama (35-51)

German Images of Islam in West Africa, Holger Weiss (53-93)

Your Humble Servant: The Memoirs of 'Abd Allah al-Ghadamisi of Kano, 1903-1908. Part III: Commentary, Muhammad S. Umar and John O. Hunwick (95-105)

Notes and communications

The Writings of the Sudanese Tijani Shaykh Ibrahim Sidi (1949-1999), Rüdiger Seesemann (107-124)

Fritz Meier's Unpublished Papers and the Tijaniyya, Bernd Radtke (125-130)

Ahmad Baba on Slavery, John O. Hunwick (131-139)

Institut de Recherches en Sciences Humaines, Bamako (140-141)

Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa (142-143)

Arabic Literature of Africa: Update (144)

Book reviews

John O. Hunwick, Timbuktu and the Songhay Empire: al-Sa'di's Ta`rikh al-sudan down to 1613 and other Contemporary Documents (Ivor Wilks) (145-152)

Endre Stiansen and Michael Kevane (eds.), Kordofan Invaded: Peripheral Incorporation and Social Transformation in Islamic Africa (Robert S. Kramer) (153-159)

Books received (160-161)

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