Sudanic Africa

Volume 12, 2001


The Making, Preservation and Study of South African ajami Mss and Texts, Muhammed Haron (1-14)

The Arab and Swahili Culture in Historical Perspective: Some Important Links in 'The History of the Mazru'is in East Africa' by Shaykh al-Amin b. 'Ali al-Mazru'i, Ibrahim E. Soghayroun (15-32)

A Colonial Servant: Al-Salawi and the Sudan, R.S. O'Fahey (33-42)

Murtada al-Zabidi und die Afrikaner: Beziehungen und Diskurse in einem islamischen Gelehrten-Netzwerk des 18. Jahrhunderts, Stefan Reichmuth (43-82)

European Images of Islam in the Northern Hinterlands of the Gold Coast through the Early Colonial Period, Holger Weiss (83-110)

Studies in Ta'rikh al-fattash, III: Ka'ti Origins, John O. Hunwick (111-114)


Timbuktu: a bibliography, John O. Hunwick (115-129)

Sudanese (and some other) Sources for Eritrean History: A Bibliographical Note, R.S. O'Fahey (131-142)

Mu'allafat al-shuyukh: 1. The Writings of Ivor Wilks / 2. The Writings of Lamin Sanneh (143-155)

Notes and communications

Ergänzungen zur ALA, 1, Stefan Reichmuth (157-159)

Fontes Historiae Africanae: Report from Accra meeting (160-169)

Book reviews

Shaun Marmon, Eunuchs and Sacred Boundaries in Islamic Society (Ahmad A. Nasr) (170-175)

Timothy Cleaveland, Becoming Walata: A History of Social Formation and Transformation (Knut S. Vikør) (176-178)

Massimo Zaccaria, Photography and African Studies: A Bibliography (Heather J. Sharkey) (179-181)

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