Sudanic Africa

Volume 14, 2003


John Donnelly Fage, 1921-2002 (1-7)

Yusuf Ibish, 1926-2003 (w./ John Hunwick: "Timbuktu: A Refuge of Scholarly and Rigthteous Folk") (9-20)

Nehemia Levtzion, 1935-2003 (21-32)

A Portrait of the Arabic Script at the Cape, Muhammad Haron (33-54)

A Document of Personal Exemption from the Kingdom of Sinnar, Neil McHugh (55-59)

A Sudanese Tijani Shaykh: Muddaththir Ibrahim al-Hajjaz (1866/67-1937), 'Ali Salih Karrar and Yahya Muhammad Ibrahim (61-75)

The Search for a Yoruba Orthography in the 1840s: Obstacles to the Choice of the Arabic Script, Isaac Adejoju Ogunbiyi (77-102)

A Warning about Imminent Calamity in Colonial French West Africa: the Chain Letter as Historical Source, Benjamin F. Soares (103-116)

Début de la colonisation: Document sur l'arrivée des Français au Fouta en Guinée, Aminatou Diallo Bah (117-126)


Mu'allafat al-shuyukh 3: The Writings of John Voll / 4: The Writings of Charles Stewart (127-135)

Notes and communications

Arabic Literature of Africa (ALA): Volumes Published in 2003 (137-139)

Book reviews

U. Freitag & W.G. Clarence Smith (eds.), Hadhrami Traders, Scholars, and Statesmen in the Indian Ocean & U. Freitag, Indian Ocean Migrants and State Formation in Hadhramaut (Anne K. Bang) (140-148)

Virginia Luling, Somali Sultanate (Scott S. Reese) (149-152)

Ousmane Kane, Muslim Modernity in Postcolonial Nigeria (Muhammad Sani Umar) (153-157)

Gabriel Warburg, Islam, Sectarianism and Politics in Sudan (Heather Sharkey) (158-161)

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