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Sudanic Africa was an international academic journal devoted to the presentation and discussion of historical sources on the Sudanic belt, published in sixteen volumes between 1990 and 2007. It has now been succeeded by the electronic journal Islamic Africa, published by Northwestern University Press from 2010 (the first issue is available in open access).

Sudanic Africa was concerned with the area between the Sahara and the Bay of Niger, the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. The journal presented historical sources relating to our field of interest in the original language and in translation, with comments.

Presented on the Web are table of contents for each of the sixteen volumes as well as select articles, notes and communications and book reviews.
Contents and sample articles

We have also a cumulative index of all articles in the printed as well as on-line version of the journal, listing authors and titles of articles, notes and of the books reviewed, as well as of the topics discussed in the articles.
Index of articles

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The journal no longer accepts subscriptions. For current subscriptions to Islamic Africa, see its Subscription details.

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  • The editors of Sudanic Africa were: (Knut S. Vikør) (John Hunwick) (R.S. O'Fahey) (Stefan Reichmuth) (Jay Spaulding) (Scott Reese, Reviews editor)
    Sudanic Africa was a peer-reviewed journal.

    Texts and Sources

    A series of monographs also exists under the imprint of Sudanic Africa. It contains sources for the study of Africa in and the regions south of the Sahara.
    1. Knut S. Vikør, Sources for Sanusi Studies: Contents -- Introduction
    2. Fontes Historiae Africanae Bulletin of Information: Selected articles 1979-1987 (issue 13 of the journal SAJHS).

    The "Texts and Souces" series is distributed by

    C. Hurst & Co (Publishers) Ltd.,
    38 King Street, London WC2E 8JT, UK

    Web archive of Texts and sources

    On the Sudanic Africa website is also an archive of texts and sources relating to our area.

    Nuba mountain languages

    One is a survey of language usage in the Nuba mountain region of the Sudan, made by Herman Bell.

    Darfur archive

    Available is also an archive of primary and secondary material on Darfur, its history and cultures, made by Seán O'Fahey.

    Back issue orders

    Currently, these volumes are available:

  • 1, 1990
  • 2, 1991
  • 3, 1992
  • 4, 1993 (Special issue on Kano)
  • 8, 1997
  • 9, 1998
  • 10, 1999
  • 11, 2000
  • 12, 2001
  • 13, 2002 (Fontes Historiae Africanae Bulletin of Information: Selected articles 1979-1987)
  • 14, 2003
  • 15, 2004 (Language in Africa)
  • 16, 2005
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