University of Bergen

Guest lectures


  • 26.5.08: Yann Richard, Paris: "The 1921 coup d'Etat in Iran and its echo in Persian historiography" (SMI)
  • 21.4.08: Terence Walz, Cairo: "Habasha, Sudaniyin, Barabra and Takarna: African Slaves and Freedmen/Women in Cairo as Reflected in the 1848 Census", and
  • 22.4.08: "Egyptian and Sudanese Merchants and Traders in Cairo and Asyut in the mid 19th century" (SMI)
  • 8.4.08: Anette Haaber Ihle, Copenhagen. "Islam, Madrasa and Citizenship in Ghana" (Global, SMI)


  • 30.11.07: Istar Gozaydin, Istanbul: "Politics of Religion in Turkey: The Republican Times" (SMI)
  • 23.11.07: Terje Østebø, Stockholm and Bergen: "Salafism in Locality: Religious Change Among the Muslim Oromo in Bale, Ethiopia" (SMI)
  • 22.11.07: Cordula Weissköppel, Bremen: "Partial insights into Sudanese diasporas: two case studies from Germany - 1. A Sudanese snackbar in Berlin. 2. A German-Sudanese Sufi brotherhood, the Tariqa Burhaniya (SMI)
  • 28.09.07: Abdul Sharif, Zanzibar: "Indian Ocean: The Largest Cultural Continuum Before the Coming of the Portugese" (SMI)
  • 10.09.07: Palestinian Refugees - a round table discussion:
    Julie, Peteet, Luisville, Rosemary Saigh, Beirut, Randa Farah, Ontario (SMI)
  • 27.08.07 - 30.08.07: Conceptions of Islam - a Ph.D Course
    Ziba Mir-Hosseini, SOAS, London, Salwa Ismail, University of Exeter, Nacira Guenif-Souilamas, Université Paris-XIII - GREC, Schirin Amir-Moazami, Berlin and Frankfurt/Oder, Maleiha Malik, King's College, London, Sarah Bracke, Universitet Utrecht, Christine Jacobsen, University of Bergen (SMI, IMER, SKOK)
  • 12.06.07: Samia Hadi El Nagar, Omdurman: The Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement: Issues and Challenges (SMI)
  • 31.05.07: Elke Stockreiter, Bergen: "Islamic law, customary norms and the institution of marriage in colonial Zanzibar" (SMI)
  • 25.05.07: Salah Mohamed Ahmed, Khartoum): "The Kerma Civilisation" (SMI)
  • 24.05.07: Khalid Abou El-Lail, Cairo: "The Egyptian Woman and the Egyptian Folklore"
  • 09.05.07: Tayeb Mohamed Salih, London (SMI, Section for Middle Eastern Languages, Office of International Relations)
  • 04.05.07: Albert Issa, Sulaymaniyah: Religious minorities in Iraq (SMI, Dept. for Roman Languages)
  • 03.05.07: Are Knudsen, Bergen: The law, the loss and the lives of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon (SMI)
  • 25.04.07: Abdel Ghaffar M. Ahmed, Omdurman: Sudan in Transition: Sustainable Peace and Attractive Unity as a Distant Mirage (SMI, Dept. of Anthropology)
  • 23.04.07: Reza Sheikholeslami, Oxford: "The Constitutional Revolution and the Development of the Modern State in Iran" (SMI)
  • 19.04.07: Fadwa Taha, Khartoum: "The Naivasha Peace Agreements January 2005 between the Sudan Government and the SPLM : Two Years After"
  • 12.04.07: Annelies Moors, Amsterdam: "Gender and family law reform in the Arab world" (SMI)
  • 12.04.07: Dorthe Bramsen, København: "Divine Law and Human Understanding: The Idea of Shari'a in Saudi Arabia" (SMI)
  • 18.01.07: Bernd Radtke, Utrecht. (SMI, Dept. History of religion)
  • 18.01.07: Ulrika Mårtensson, Trondheim: "The Covenant: A Pre-Modern Islamic Contract-Theory?" (SMI, Dept. History of religion)



  • 15.11.06: Bethany Walker, Michigan: "Financial Collapse and the Medieval Islamic State: Challenges of Sources and Methods" (SMI)
  • 8.11.06: Léon Buskens, Leiden: "Islamic Law and Society in Morocco: The Genesis of a Modern Legal System" (SMI)
  • 2.11.06: Shirin Ebadi, Tehran: "Is there any hope for a future respect of democracy and human rights in Iran?" (SMI / Student Society)
  • 2.11.06: Robert Gleave, Exeter: "Law and authority in modern Shi'ism: The case of Iran and Iraq today" (SMI)
  • 12.10.06: Tore Lindholm, Oslo: "Human rights and Islam" (SMI)
  • 5.10.06: Mark Sedgwick, Cairo: "From Paris to Cairo to Tehran: Sufism and Traditionalism" (SMI)
  • 10.05.06: Hilmar Kaiser: "World War, Germany and the Armenian Genocide" (SMI / History)
  • 10.5.06: Matthias Bjørnlund: "When the canon talks, the diplomats must be silent: A Danish Diplomat during the Armenian Genocide" (SMI / History)
  • 22.5.06: Ilkay Sunar, Istanbul: "Secular and civic democracy in Turkey" (SMI)
  • 5.4.06: Salah Mohammed Ahmed, Khartoum: "Kerma an early civilization in Sudan (2500-1500 BC)" (SMI)
  • 5.4.06: Abdel Rahim Khabir, Juba (Sudan): "Mesolithic and Neolithic cultures in the Khartoum Province; seen in wider regional perspective" (SMI)
  • 23.3.06: Yadullah Shahibzadeh, Oslo: "The political ideas behind the Islamic leadership in Iran" (SMI)
  • 20.3.06: Georgi Derluguian, Northwestern University: "Abhazia: A modal ethnic war" (Anthropology)
  • 16.3.06: Jeremy Prestholdt, Northwestern University: "Peripheral Visions: East African Consumerism in a Global Age" (SMI)
  • 24.2.06: Sindre Bangstad, Leiden: "Turning black: Conversions to Islam among black Africans in contemporary Cape Town" (Anthropology) - and:
  • 23.2.06: -- "Multiculturalism - South African Style: Transformations of Muslim Personal Law and Implications for Muslim Women in Polygynous Marriages in Cape Town, South Africa" (SMI)
  • 17.2.06: Anne Sofie Roald, Malmö: "Collective vs. Individual rights: The case of Muslim Women in Sweden" (SMI)
  • 10.11.05: Isik A. Aytaç and Bruce H. Rankin: "Economic crisis, work, and family life in Turkey" (SMI)
  • 4.11.05: Isik A. Aytaç and Bruce H. Rankin, Istanbul: "Gender inequality in schooling: The case of Turkey" (Sociology)
  • 18.10.05: Robert O. Collins, Santa Barbara: "The Impact of the death of Dr. John Garang" (SMI)
  • 14.10.05: Hülya Adak, Istanbul: "Remembering the Armenian deportations: A history of twentieth-century Turkish autobiographical writing" (SMI)
  • 7.9.05: Øistein Rolandsen, Oslo: "Post-Garang: Prospects for peace in the Sudan" (SMI)
  • 15.6.05: Helene Fatima Idris, Gothenburg: "The sociolinguistic situation in Sudan" (SMI)
  • 3.6.05: Ibrahim Elnur, Cairo: "Post-Nishava: Challenges of (re)building war produced economy - Post-war challenges in the Sudan" (SMI)
  • 27.5.05: Deborah Wheeler, Seattle: "The political meaning of Internet in the Arab world" (SMI)
  • 3.5.05: Samia Ali, Gedaref, Sudan: "Everyday challenges to the Sudanese crises: Dress and Islamic code of ethics in the Sudan" (SMI/History)
  • 8.4.05: Mustafa Soykut, Ankara: "The genealogy of the "other": The Turks, Islam and Europe from Renaissance until today" (SMI)
  • 10.3.05: Brannon Wheeler, Seattle: "The sacred and profane in Islamic law and state ideology" (SMI)
  • 4.3.05: Recep Boztemur, Ankara: "Islam and politics in secular Turkey" (SMI)
  • 4.2.05: Aud Talle, Oslo: "Female circumcision: The anthropology of difficult issues" (Anthropology)
  • 28.1.05: Samuel Cooper: "Why women die in childbirth: An anthropological deconstruction of a Mishnaic text" (Anthropology)
  • 27.1.05: Samuel Cooper, Bar Ilan University, Israel: "Some aspects on family and identity in Israel" (SMI)
  • 25.11.04: Jacob Skovgaard Petersen, Copenhagen: "The religious policies of the Egyptian state" (SMI)
  • 29.10.04: Kjetil Selvik, Oslo: "The dowlat-mellat divide and the 1979 revolution. Comparing the Islamic Republic with the Pahlavi State" (SMI)
  • 21.10.04: Rüdiger Seesemann, Bayreuth, "Between Sufism and Islamism: The Tijaniyya order and the Islamist state in Sudan" (SMI)
  • 31.8.04: Fadwa A. Taha, Khartoum: "The Southern Sudan from Federation to Separation" (SMI)
  • 16.3.04: Michael Irving Jensen, Copenhagen: "The Shi'a and the new Iraq" (SMI) - and
  • 15.3.04: -- "The Palestine conflict in light of the Iraq war" (SMI)
  • 11.2.04: Hilde Henriksen Waage, Oslo: "Why is there no peace between Israel and the Palestinians: Some lines." (Academic Society / SMI)
  • 12.12.03: Aud Talle, Oslo: "The pain and the veil: Somali refugee women in London" (SMI)
  • 1.12.03: Jenny B. White, Boston: "Turkey's Islamists and the New Muslimhood Model" (Anthropology)
  • 1.12.03: Ellen Flesichmann, Dayton: "The Nation and Its "New" Women: The Palestinian Womens Movement, 1920-1948" (SMI)
  • 28.11.03: Tim Insoll, Manchester : "Approaches to the Archaeology of Islam-Unity or Diversity" (SMI / Archaeology)
  • 10.11.03, Robert Mabro, Oxford,: "Oil and Politics in the Middle East" (SMI / History)
  • 10.11.03: Judith Mabro, Oxford: "Naked Emotions: Gender and ambiguities in the Hamman" (SMI)
  • 3.11.03: Bjørn Olav Utvik, Oslo: "The democracy movement in Iran: status and prospects" (SMI / History) - and
  • 3.11.03: -- : "Female emanicipation in the Islamic republic?" (SMI)
  • 14.10.03: Thomas Walle, Oslo: "Pakistani men: Gender, religion and male practice in Pakistan and Norway" (SMI)
  • 5.10.03: Øystein LaBianca, Andrews University: "Nabatean and Roman water projects in the Southern Levant (Jordan)" (SFU)
  • 4.9.03: Meyda Yegenoglu, Ankara: "Feminism and Orientalism: Why save women from Islam?" (SMI)
  • 2.6.03: Amina Haraj-Touzani, Rabat: "The uneasy Moroccan Synthesis between Tradition and Modernity" (SMI)
  • 27.5.03: Ahmed I. Abushouk, Kuala Lumpur: "Arabian Peninsula and Malay Archipelago: From Commercial Links to Socio-Cultural Interactions" (History)
  • 12.5.03: Muhammed Haron, Gaberone: "Arabic-Afrikaans: A Forgotten Genre?" (SMI)
  • 29.11.02: Michael Meeker, Seattle: "A revolution by counter-revolution: From empire to republic in the district of Of" (SMI)
  • 20.10.02: Ibrahim Zein, Kuala Lumpur: "The Sharia laws in the Sudan" (SMI).
  • 14.10.02: Norman Finkelstein: "The "Peace Process" in Israel and Palestine" (Comparative Polics)
  • 27.9.02 Michael Irving Jensen, Copenhagen: "Hamas in the Gaza Strip: Islamism in the social and educational sphere" (SMI)
  • 27.9.02 Joel S. Migdal, Harvard: "Is there hope for the Middle East?" (SMI).
  • 17.9.02: Amira Osman, Pretoria: "Space, built form and meaning in Northern Riverain Sudan" (SMI).
  • 3.6.02: Kamal Abdelfattah, Birzeit: "The Current Situation in Palestine" (SFU)
  • 30.5.02: Sylvaine Camelin, Paris: "Not seen, not known? Women in public space. Reflections on the notions of private and public and the position of women in Hadramaout" (Anthropology)
  • 22.4.02: Robert Mabro, Oxford: "Industrialization and the Third World from a Middle East perspective" (History)
  • 8.4.02: Fakhra Salimi, Oslo: "Equality and immigrant women" (Anthropology / IMER)
  • 18.3.02: Sharif Harir: "September 11 and the Sudan - A window of opportunity for peace?" (SFU)
  • 14.11.01: Khalil Athamina, Bir Zeit: "Destruction and Reconstruction of Coastal Cities in Palestine and Southern Syria During the Crusade Period", and "Changing Traditional Life Patterns in Palestine Central Mountains" (SFU)
  • 16.10.01: Gabriel Taguem Fah, N'Gaoundere: "Islam in Cameroon: Recent trends and new developments" (SMI)
  • 16.10.01: Farhad Khosrokhavar, Paris: "Gender relations among Iranian youth today" (SMI/Anthropology)
  • 8.10.01: Ahmed I. Abushouk, Kuala Lumpur: "Political Assassination in Islam: The case of the third Caliph "Uthman ibn "Affan and its repercussions" (SMI).
  • 26.9.01: John S. Schoeberlein, Harvard: "Transformations of Islam in Post-Soviet Central Asia" (History)
  • 13.9.01: Nadia Anghelescu, Bucharest: "Rumania between Orient and Occident (The Thoughts of an Orientalist)" (SMI / Arabic)
  • 13.9.01: El-Said Badawi, Cairo: "Semantic and structural variations on the theme of the Arabic verbless sentence" (SMI / Arabic)
  • 16.5.01: Efrat Ben-zeev, Oxford University: "The Palestinian Village of Ijzim during the 1948 War: Forming an anthropological history through villagers" accounts and army documents" (SMI)
  • 3.4.01: Michael Lambek, Toronto: "Localising Islamic Performance on Mayotte" (SMI)

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