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The Shari'a, past and present

Under the heading of the project, Sharia in transformation: Encounters between legal norms, the Middle East Centre / Middle East Group of AHKR organizes a running series of seminars and lectures on various aspects of Islamic law, past and present. The seminar series is open to all who may be interested, and covers the field of Islamic law from different methodological and chronological angles.

Neighbourhood mosque, Sarajevo

Program, Spring 2009

  • Reformation in post-modern contexts: The case of Islam
    Guest lecture, Mohammad Nafissi (London)
    19 March 2009, 12.15-14.00
    Seminar room, Centre for Middle Eastern Studies

  • The Role of Sharia, Custom and Law in Family Conflicts: Cases from Yemen
    Workshop, 18-19 May 2009.

    The goal of the workshop is to analyse the potential interrelations between Sharia, urf and custom in Yemen in family relations in an interdisciplinary and international perspective. The main focus will be on the concept of wilaya in marriage and early marriages, which may actualise in forced marriages in a Diaspora context in the West.
    The workshop is also open for other contributions in the field of family law and family relations in Yemen in two open sessions on the second day.

    18 May 2009, 10.00-17.00; 19 May 09.00-16.00
    Seminar room, Centre for Middle Eastern Studies


Previous events:


  • Mathias Rohe (Erlangen)
    Sharia in Europe
    6 November 2008

  • Abdulkadir Hashim (Nairobi/UiB)
    The administration of Islamic law in East Africa
    7 October 2008

  • Ron Shaham (Jerusalem),
    Modern Medicine and Law: Current Debates on Paternity in Egypt
    26 August 2008


  • Islamic law and the family in current discussions
    Panel at the 7th Nordic conference on Middle Eastern Studies
    Helsinki, 22-23 September 2007.
    Participants: Katja Jansen Fredriksen, Rania Maktabi, Monika Lindbekk, Liv Tønnesen, Marianne Bøe, Hilde G. Kjøstvedt, Knut S. Vikør.
  • Conceptions of Islam
    Ph.D. Course, Bergen 27-30 August 2007.
    Papers from/relevant to the Shari'a group: Farhat Taj Andersen (Oslo), Eirik Hovden (Bergen), Kaja Jansen Fredriksen (Bergen), Rikard Lagervall (Lund), Liv Tønnesen (Bergen), Sindre Bangstad (Bergen). Public lectures: Ziba Mir-Hoseini.
    SMI/SKOK/Ph.D. School in Middle East Studies

  • Elke Stockreiter (Wien / SMI)
    Islamic law, customary norms and the institution of marriage in colonial Zanzibar
    31 May 2007
  • Workshop: The Shari'a in the modern world
    12-13 April 2007
    Included public lectures:
    • Annelies Moors (ISIM, Leiden)
      Gender and family law reform in the Arab world.
    • Dorthe Bramsen (University of Copenhagen)
      Divine Law and Human Understanding: The idea of shari'a in Saudi Arabia


  • Léon Buskens (Leiden Universitet)
    Islamic law and society in Morocco: The Genesis of a Modern Legal System
    8 December 2006
  • Robert Gleave (University of Exeter)
    Law and authority in modern Shi'ism: The case of Iran and Iraq today
    2 November 2006

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