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SSC11, June 8 -11, 2009

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Symposium secretariat

Tarja Rajalahti

Department of Chemistry,
University of Bergen

Address: Realfagbygget, Allegaten 41
N-5007 Bergen, Norway

SSC11 conference special issue in the
Journal of Chemometrics:::>

Contributions presented at SSC11 is published as a special issue of the Journal of Chemometrics. We encouraged early submission and hoped to start receiving papers as soon as a contribution is accepted for presentation, either as a poster or as an oral contribution. The motivation for this was to publish accepted papers on-line as soon as the editorial process had finished and thus make them available at "Early View" at the web site of the Journal of Chemometrics.

Papers included in the special issue had to be received no later than August 11, 2009 and final versions must be received no later than February 20, 2010. The reviewing process followed the usual practice for the journal. The production of the special issue will start February 20, 2010.

Every attempt will be made to include all submitted papers in the conference special issue.

If, for some reasons the reviewing prcess is not complete within February 20, 2010, the paper can be published in a later regular issue with a statement that this contribution was presented at SSC11. Deadlines will be followed strictly to avoid delays for authors submitting their work in a timely fashion.



+47 555 83366

+47 555 89490


Abstract submission - deadline January 15 , 2009

All participants are kindly invited to submit contributions. Authors should indicate their preference for oral or poster presentation. All papers will be reviewed, and decission of acceptance and form of presentation will be communicated to the contributor within the 1st of February.

Authors should submit their abstracts as a Microsoft Word document with any figures pasted into the Word file or as an Adobe PDF document. Tables should be kept simple and should be inserted as Tab-spaced text, or as Word tables, i.e. not pasted in from other applications.

Figures should be kept simple and embedded in the submitted file (i.e. pasted in).

Authors should be aware that figures will be reduced prior to reproduction, thus all lettering/symbols/lines should be clear and distinct.







The abstract should follow the general structure:

  • Title.
  • Author names, underlining the presenting author.
  • Addresses, including e-mail address to presenting author.
  • Abstract text.
  • Maximum total length allowed is 1 A4 page.

Please use 12 point Times New Roman, all margins= 2,5 cm and single line spacing.