About STIM

Origin and Evolution of STIM

STIM stands for “Studenter med interesse for marine fag” or students with interest in marine subjects.  But STIM is an organization for all biology students, Masters and PhD alike, not just marine biology and aquaculture.  So all are welcome to attend our meetings and events even if you prefer to keep your feet on dry land.

This organization was hatched at the old Institute for Fisheries and Marine Biology, but after rearrangement of the faculty organization it seemed to go into hibernation. In February 2006 STIM got a new board and it was brought back to life.  We are here to stay, and aim to get bigger and better as time goes by.


What do we do?

STIM focuses its work on two important aspects of student life. Many students find it difficult to be social when coming to a new study program. Therefore STIM arranges various events to help students get to know each other and feel at home in their student environment. STIM also serves as a link between the students and the Department, improving all aspects of the academic experience including current modules and exam forms.

Most people get to know STIM through our social events.  Every 3rd week we arrange weekendings at various locations throughout Bergen, sometimes with a special theme. This is a great chance to interact with your fellow students, and the beer is so ridiculously cheap that any student can afford to take a well-deserved break from studying. STIM frequently organizes a waffle day, usually every other Thursday, where we serve waffles for 10 NOK and the toppings are free. The highlight of the semester are the 2-day trips at the beggining of each semester. In the recent past the Winter trip has been to Kvamskogen and the Autumn trip has been to Rongavær. Be sure to check out the photos from these trips!

In addition to improving your social life, we aim to make your everyday life as a student a bit better, by working as a link between the students and the administration and faculty.  Among other things, we have collected master thesis proposals from all the research groups in marine and fisheries biology and put them in a folder for easy access. We are trying to bring some old courses back to life.  And if there is anything you feel that can be improved at HiB - in the study rooms, computer labs etc - just let us know and we will do the dirty work for you.

Do you sometimes wonder what you will do when you have finished your degree and have to face the “real” world?  For your benefit we sometimes arrange company presentations, and with some luck you could happen to meet your future employer.


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