Fall Semester 2008

This past semester we had lots of fun weekendings, and of course a very exciting Autumn trip to Rongevaer. We celebrated Halloween with a movie showing and lots of candy.

Spring Semester 2009

Kvamskogen trip was great fun. We had 23 people go representing 11 countries and 6 continents. There was downhill and cross country skiing during the day, and lots of fun at night. Our most recent waffle day (Thursday 5th) was a huge success. We sold more waffles than we ever have. Our most recent weekending was at Sofia's apartment on Floyen. We watched a slideshow of pictures from the Kvamskogen trip and watched a few funny youtube videos. Like every weekending, we had beer to sell for 20NOK a bottle. Our next weekending will take place on February the 20th at a yet to be decided location (but most likely Puja's place).



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