Publications related to Topographies of the Obsolete, available for download or as paper copies.


The Phase two publication "Rhizomatic Trajectories" 
draws together reflections nurtured
through Topographies’ contextualising platform
 from both invited scholars and artists who remain connected to the project.
 comprises of a range of descriptive, narrative and poetic texts which elucidate questions, contexts and methods that offer an alternative
historiography of postindustrial sites and situations."
ISBN 978-82-93801-01-6 Read the publication and download pdf at Bora

"Ashmolean papers" 2017

Draws together and extends proceedings from a symposium held at the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Oxford. It offers a broad range of interdisciplinary insights into issues surrounding the impact of deindustrialisation upon heritage, communities and landscapes, and urban renewal through art and culture led strategies. ISBN 978-82-690937-4-2 Download pdf
Read the publication at Bora


Compilation of texts written by participants. Download pdf
Read the publication at issuu

"Topographies of the Obsolete: Vociferous Void" 

Compilation of artist texts. Download pdf
Read the publication at issuu

"Topographies of the Obsolete Critical Texts, Dixon, Hauge, Shales" 

Texts by Steven Dixon, Øystein Hauge and Ezra Shales. Download pdf
Read the critical texts at  issuu


Performances by KELLY / MARHAUG at Spode original factory site documented by Bjarte Bjørkum.
Read the book at issuu

For information about purchase of printed copies, please contact:
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THE TOPOGRAPHIES OF THE OBSOLETE LIBRARY COLLECTION AT The Art Academy -institute of contemporary art

See all the publications available in our Topographies of the Obsolete shelf at the library online! The reading list was compiled by suggestions from all of the participants in the Topographies of the Obsolete project.

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