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Choiseul and Shortlands New Georgia Group

The establishment in 2008 of the Western Solomons Research Database (WSRD) was a unique event for Solomon Islands. The database was created by the Bergen Pacific Studies Research Group of the University of Bergen, Norway, in response to requests from Solomon Islander leaders in Western Province for an overview of the different kinds of research that have been carried out there. Beginning with a Western Province focus, the scope of this database is gradually being extended to also include Choiseul.

Scholars from many countries and from a wide range of academic fields have contributed to this initiative. As a website with open access, the database is designed to bring as much as possible of the results of this research within reach of Solomon Islander people and policy makers. The database offers lasting online storage not only for the knowledge that has accrued through research but, also, for aspects of the cultural heritage of the people of western Solomons.

Western Solomons
Updated 12 January, 2011