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Albert, Simon

Simon Albert is a marine biologist with a PhD from the University of Queensland who has worked since 2004 on water quality, coral reef health and marine conservation issues in Marovo Lagoon. He is a participant in the University of Queensland’s project “Conserving the Marine Biodiversity of Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands”. After the 2007 earthquake and tsunami Simon Albert was involved in assessing impacts on marine resources and fisheries in Ranongga.

University of Queensland, Australia (Marine Studies)
Marine biology, ichthyology: Marovo
UQ Marovo Project

Current affiliation, academic qualifications and contact details
Dr. Simon Albert
Environmental Engineering, The University of Queensland
BAppSc (Env) 
PhD (Marine Science)

Email: s.albert@uq.edu.au
Phone: +61 7 4758 1442

Since early 2004 I have been involved in marine research in Solomon Islands. This began as part of a large University of Queensland project assessing the environmental status of Marovo Lagoon. My role was specifically to understand water quality conditions in Marovo, assess the health of coral reef communities and document the likely external factors impacting on the lagoon (e.g., logging and overfishing).  During this period of research, from 2004 to 2006, I spent 6 months in Marovo and became aware of the need to communicate the scientific results back to local people.  To achieve this I worked with a graphic artist (Kate Moore) to develop a range of reports and handouts in the local vernacular which described the outcomes of the research. 

I have an extensive vocabulary of vernacular terms, but I cannot converse in Marovo language.  However, through a combination of Marovo, Pijin and English I am able to communicate effectively.  The University of Queensland’s work in Marovo has expanded from being purely research to include a large education and capacity building component.  Through the training of local staff it is anticipated the ongoing research on and management of marine resources will be conducted by Marovo people.  

Over the past two years (2006-2008) I have become involved in a range of other projects in the Western Province of the Solomons.  I have been working with Shankar Aswani in Roviana Lagoon to conduct scientific surveys of the marine protected area program. I was also involved in a post earthquake/tsunami survey of Ranongga to assess potential impacts on fisheries in the area.  I have maintained communication with WWF and World Fish Center with the aim to assist further with fisheries issues on Ranongga.

Key publications/reports/materials Key publications/reports/materials

Albert, S., Udy, J., Tibbetts, I., Duke, N., Neil, D., Love, M., Roelfsema, C. and Ross, A. 2006Chiniena ba lineana pa Marovo Lagoon [Condition of the marine environments in Marovo Lagoon].  Report to Marovo community. University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Albert, S., Love, M., Roelfsema, C., Duke, N., Udy, J. and Tibbetts, I. 2007 Marovo: A lagoon and people facing change, in N. Duke et al. (eds) Conserving the marine biodiversity of Marovo Lagoon: development of environmental management initiative that will conserve the marine biodiversity and productivity of Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands, 29-41.  The University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Albert, S., Love, M., Udy, J., Tibbetts, I., Roelfsema, C., Neil, D., Marion, G., Hough, S., Ross A. and Duke, N. 2007.  Science addressing community concerns about the marine environment.  In N. Dukeet al. (eds) Conserving the marine biodiversity of Marovo Lagoon: development of environmental management initiative that will conserve the marine biodiversity and productivity of Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands, 43-83.  The University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Albert, S., Udy, J. and Tibbetts, I. 2008. Responses of algal communities to gradients in herbivore biomass and water quality in Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands. Coral Reefs. 27: 73-82

Albert, S., J. Udy, G.B.K. Baines, and D. McDougall 2007.Dramatic tectonic uplift of fringing reefs on Ranongga Is., Solomon Islands. Coral Reefs 26(4): 983-983.

Albert, S. 2007. The health of Melanesian coral reefs: Environmental drivers and social responses. PhD Thesis, Centre for Marine Studies, The University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Albert, S., Udy, J., Tawake, A. and Vave, R. submitted Indicators of community based marine management success in Fiji. Ocean and coastal management.

Aswani, S., Albert, S., Sabetian, A. and Furusawa, T. 2007. Customary and management as precautionary and adaptive principles for protecting coral reefs in Oceania. Coral Reefs 26(4): 1009-1021.

Albert, S., J. M. O'Neil, et al. 2005. Blooms of the cyanobacterium Lyngbya majuscula in coastal Queensland, Australia: disparate sites, common factors. Marine Pollution Bulletin 51(1-4): 428-437.

Udy, J., Gall, M., Longstaff, B., Moore, K., Roelfsema, C., Spooner, D.R. and Albert, S. 2005. Water quality monitoring: a combined approach to investigate gradients of change in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Marine Pollution Bulletin 51(1-4): 224-238.


Albert et al (2007) Tectonic uplift of fringing reefs (online article).pdf

Albert et al (2008) Algae, gradients and water quality in Marovo Lagoon (report).pdf

Albert et al (2007) Conserving marine biodiversity of Marovo lagoon (report).zip

Albert et al (2007) Marine management options for Marovo Lagoon (report).pdf

Albert et al () Conditions of the marine environments of Marovo lagoon (report in Marovo).pdf

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