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David Boseto

David Boseto is a biologist who is interested in island biodiversity. He has carried out seminal work on the freshwater fishes of Choiseul, Tetepare and Gatokae, and is involved in conservation projects in these islands. He has a master’s degree from the University of the South Pacific, and is continung his studies at Texas A&M University, USA. With Patrick Pikacha he works with the online environmental magazine MelanesianGeo. David Boseto is from Choiseul.

Current affiliation, academic qualifications and contact details

David Boseto
Graduate School, College of Science and Technology, Department of Life Science
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, USA

Melanesian Geo Magazine
P.O. Box R36, Ranadi
Honiara, Solomon Islands

Research record and ongoing work

Current Research Project:  Systematic review of genus Sicyopterus (Teleostei: Gobiodei: Sicydiinae) of the Indo-Pacific.

Current Community Project: Community Officer for the Community Conservation
Agreement (CCA) program in the Solomon Islands.
Working with communities on Western and Choiseul Provinces

Research Interest:
-Biological inventory of terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna
-Impact of invasive species on native species and their ecology
-The impact of global warming on island biodiversity

Research work in the Solomon Islands:
-Preliminary terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity survey of Gatokai Island 2007
-Estuarine and freshwater fish survey of Tetepare Island 2006
-Rapid inventory of freshwater aquatic fauna of Solomon Islands 2005
-Terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity survey of Choiseul Island in 2005

Key publications/reports/materials
Boseto et al (2007) biodiversity and conservation of freshwater fishes in selected rivers on Choiseul Island, Solomon Islands (article).pdf

Boseto et al (200) Freshwater Fishes of Tetepare Island

Boseto et al (2007) Herpetofaun, communtiy education and logging on Choiseul Island Solomon Islands (article).pdf

Boseto et al (2007) Biodiversity and conservation of freshwater fishes in selected rivers on Choiseul Island, Solomon Islands (article).pdf

Boseto et al (2008 Freshwater Biotas of the Solomon Islands Analysis of Richness, Endemism and Threats (article).pdf

Boseto et al. (2008) Lentipes solomonensis, a new species of freshwater goby (Teleostei: Gobioidei: Sicydiinae) from the Solomon Islands




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Updated 7 April, 2011