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Kenneth Brown

Kenneth Brown holds a PhD from Charles Darwin University, Australia. His field of research is customary law in the post-independence period in the Solomons and Vanuatu. When he worked in Solomon Islands he made several visits to the Western Solomons for court hearings. Kenneth Brown is now retired.  

Contact information

PO BOX 2423 Darwin NT 0801,
Tel/fax Darwin 89851320,

Key publications/reports/materials

‘Criminal Law and Custom in Solomon Islands’ (1986) Q.I.T. Law Journal 133.

‘Customary rules and the welfare principle: Post-independence custody cases in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu’ (1997) 21 Journal of Pacific Studies 83.
‘Customary law in the Pacific: An Endangered Species’ (1999) 3 Journal of South Pacific Law.
‘Conflict in Melanesia: Customary Law and the Rights of Women’ (1999) 24 Commonwealth Law Bulletin London 1334 (with Jennifer Corrin).
‘Paper Promises: The Constitutional Prescription of Customary Law in the Northern Territory’ (1999) 24(5) Alternative Law Journal 221.
‘The Language of Land: look before you leap’ (2000) 4 Journal of South Pacific Law.
‘Indigenous forums: laughed out of court(2000) 25(5) Alternative Law Journal 216.
‘More on Democratic Fundamentals in Solomon Islands: Minister for Provincial Government v Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly.’ (2001) 32(3) Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 653 (with Jennifer Corrin).
‘Marit long Kastom: Marriage in Solomon Islands’ (2004) 18 International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family 52 (with Jennifer Corrin).

‘Putting Asunder: Divorce and Financial Relief in Solomon Islands’ Summer (2005) Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal 85 (with Jennifer Corrin).
Reconciling Customary Law and Received Law in Melanesia: the Post-Independence Experience in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu Charles Darwin University Press NT Australia 1995.
‘Customary law and sex with under-age ‘promised wives’ (2007) 32(1) Alternative Law Journal.

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Updated 12 January, 2011