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Christine Dureau

Christine Dureau is an anthropologist with a PhD from Macquarie University, Australia. She has worked with the Western Solomons since 1990, based on field research at Simbo. She is interested in gender, family and Christianity, and is currently writing a history of the Methodist Mission. She has also studied the role of the Western Province in the early years of the Solomon Islands nation. Christine Dureau speaks the Simbo language.

University Of Auckland, NZ (Anthropology)
Anthropology, historical anthropology, conversion, vernacular Christianity, colonial cultures, missionary culture, gender, kinship, race, memory, nationhood
Area: Simbo

Current affiliation, academic qualifications and contact details

Dr Christine Dureau
Dept. of Anthropology
The University of Auckland
PB 92019
Auckland 1
New Zealand
Phone: +64 9-373-7599 Ext. 88409
Fax: +64 9-373-7441
email: cm.dureau@auckland.ac.nz
PhD: Social Anthropology, Macquarie University (1995)

I am a socio-cultural anthropologist with a long-term interest in issues of Melanesian culture history focused on the island of Simbo.   I am currently writing an ethnographic history of Simbo Christianity based on approx. two years participant observation research on Simbo and archival sources.  Current research is directed toward an ethnographic history of the Methodist Mission to the Solomon Islands (1903-68).  It is now several years since I have been able to return to the Solomons, but I hope for a return research trip within the next three or four years. 
Key publications/reports/materials

2006. To Die For? Pacific Studies 29 (3/4): 106-115.

2005. Keeping for Giving, Keeping for Keeping: Property Taboo on Simbo. In Claudia Gross, Harriet D. Lyons & Dorothy A. Counts (eds), A Polymath Anthropologist: Essays in Honour of Ann Chowning. Research in Anthropology & Linguistics Monograph 6. Auckland: The Department of Anthropology

2003. Scrutinising Birth on Simbo. In Julie Park & Ruth Fitzgerald (eds), Medical Anthropology: Tales from the Antipodes. Special Issue. Sites 1 (1): 30-55.

2001. Recounting and remembering first contact on Simbo, Western Solomon Islands”, in. J. Mageo (ed.) Reconfiguring history in the Pacific. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, pp. 130-162.

2001. “Mutual goals?: Family planning on Simbo, Western Solomon Islands”, in, M. Jolly & K. Ram (eds) Borders of being.  Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, pp. 232-261. 

2000  “Skulls, mana and causality”. Essays on Head-Hunting in the Western Solomon Islands.  Special Issue of Journal of the Polynesian Society 109 (1): 71-98.

1998 “Decreed affinities: Nationhood and the Western Solomon Islands” Journal of Pacific History. 33 (2): 197-220.

1998 “From sisters to wives: Changing contexts of maternity on Simbo, Western Solomon Islands”, in, K. Ram & M. Jolly (eds) Maternities and modernities: colonial and postcolonial experiences in Asia and Pacific.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 239-274.

1998 “Oceania”, in, S. Drescher & S. L. Engerman (eds) A historical guide to World slavery. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 306-308.

1993 “Nobody asked the mother: Women and maternity in the western Solomon Islands” Oceania 64: 18-35.

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