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People participating in the database


Research Focus*


Albert, Simon

Marine biology, water quality, marine resource management


Aqorau, Transform Law, fisheries management National level. From Roviana.

Aswani, Shankar

Anthropology, human ecology, marine resource management

Roviana, Vonavona and Western Province

Baines, Graham

Resource management, policy, history

Western Province and national level

Barclay, Kate

Anthropology, economics, tuna fisheries

Western Province and national level

Bayliss-Smith, Tim

Geography, human ecology, history


Berg, Cato Anthropology, history Vella Lavella, Gizo

Boseto, David

Biodiversity, terrestrial and aquatic biology

Choiseul, Kolobangara, Gatokae

Brown, Kenneth

Law, courts and customary law

National level

Burslem, David

Rainforest botany


Cole, Catherine

Cultural heritage management

Western Province

Corrin, Jennifer

Law, governance, customary law

Marovo and national level

Davis, Karen

Linguistics; Hoava language

North New Georgia, Kalikolo

Day, Simon Geology; volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamies Pacific region
Dureau, Christine Anthropology, Christianity, colonialism, kinship, nationhood Simbo
Evans, Bethwyn Linguistics Marovo
Filardi, Chris Birds, biology, biodiversity Western Province

Foale, Simon

Marine biology, marine resource management, human ecology

Western Province

Frostad, Benedicte Linguistics Rendova

Furusawa, Takuro

Anthropology, health science, human ecology


Hviding, Edvard

Anthropology, history, language, ethnobiology, vernacular education

Marovo, Kalikolo, Gizo

Ishimori, Daichi

Anthropology,  religion North New Georgia, Kusaghe

Kinch, Jeff

Social surveys, marine resource management

Marovo, Western Province

Krose, Sarah Anthropology, history Vella Lavella, Bilua

Kupiainen, Jari

Anthropology, artefacts

Marovo, Gatokae

Lauer, Matthew Anthropology, environment Roviana, Vonavona

Love, Mark

Anthropology, marine conservation


Mann, Paul

Geophysics, tectonics

Western Province and worldwide

McDougall, Debra

Anthropology, history, language


Nagaoka, Takuya Anthropology, performing arts, landscape Roviana, New Georgia

Obata, Kazuko

Linguistics; Bilua language

Vella Lavella

Pikacha, Patrick Biodiversity, conservation

Marovo, Choiseul

Raymond, Mary

Linguistics; Kubokota language


Reeve, Rowland


Western Province

Richards, Rhys

History, artefacts

Western Province

Riley, Barbara

Cultural heritage management

Western Province

Ross, Annie

Anthropology, social surveys


Schwarz, Anne-Maree

Marine biology, marine resource management

Western Province

Sheppard, Peter

Archaeology, prehistory

Roviana, Vella Lavella

Stubbs, Laurie

Custom stories


Taylor, Fred

Geophysics, seismology

Western Province

Thomas, Tim Anthropology Western Province

Woodley, Ellen

Culture and biodiversity

Vella Lavella, Western Province

 *Research focus” indicates as closely as possible the actual research interests of the individual scholar in terms of disciplines and themes.

** Area” indicates the specific part of the Western Solomons from which each scholar has the most research experience. “Western Province” applies to scholars who have worked in many different locations of the province; “National level” applies to scholars whose research has a focus on development issues, policy and and other tropics from the perspective of Solomon Islands as a whole.

Western Solomons
Updated 7 April, 2011