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Thomas, Tim

Dr., Lecturer, Anthropology Department
University of Otago
PO Box 56
Dunedin, New Zealand
ph +64 3 4795213
email tim.thomas@otago.ac.nz


Tim Thomas is a lecturer in the Anthropology Department at the University of
Otago, New Zealand. His research in the Western Solomon Islands dates back
to 1998 when he began a PhD on the traditional material culture of Roviana,
as part of the 'New Georgia Archaeological Survey' project led by Peter
Sheppard and Richard Walter. His PhD was completed in 2003 and consisted of
an analysis of shell valuables and other artefacts associated with exchange,
ritual, and warfare in the pre-colonial period. During 2004-2005 Tim was
based at the University of Cambridge, UK, and conducted research on the
island of Rendova as part of a project entitled 'Pioneers of Island
Melanesia'. This research involved archaeological and material culture
surveys in the non-Austronesian speaking regions of Lokuru and Baniata. This
work was extended to the island of Tetepare after his appointment to a
Lectureship at the University of Otago. From January 2007 until December
2008 he has worked exclusively on Tetepare.


Thomas, T. 2004. Things of Roviana: material culture, personhood and agency
in the Solomon Islands. Unpublished PhD, Department of Anthropology,
University of Otago.

Walter, R., Thomas, T. and P. Sheppard. 2004. Cult assemblages and ritual
practice in Roviana Lagoon, Solomon Islands. World Archaeology. 36 (1):

Thomas, T., Sheppard, P. and R. Walter. 2001. Landscape, violence and social
bodies: ritualized architecture in a Solomon Islands society. Journal of the
Royal Anthropological Institute. 7 (3): 545-572.

Thomas, T. 2005. Pioneers of Island Melanesia Archaeological Survey, Lokuru,
Rendova: report for field season 1, August 2004. Leverhulme Centre for Human
Evolutionary Studies, University of Cambridge.

Thomas, T. in press. Topogenic forms in New Georgia, Solomon Islands. Sites.

Thomas, T. in press. Communities of Practice in the Archaeology of New
Georgia, Rendova and Tetepare. In Sheppard, P., Thomas, T., and Summerhayes,
G., Eds. Lapita antecedents and successors: proceedings of the Honiara
Lapita conference. Auckland: Dept of Anthropology, Research Papers in
Anthropology and Linguistics

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Updated 12 January, 2011