Update course in LAS

Next course will be announced here.

Courses are organized in groups of 10-15 participants participating in a seminar.

The program consists of 3 steps, selfstudy, a seminar and a test.

Evaluation: active participation in the seminar and passing the test.


1. Selfstudy

The course participants must study on their own the material below on following topics: (e-lectures 3,5 h, pages to read 112)


2. Seminar

After finishing the material above you have to participate in a half day seminar on

Participants are expected to actively participate in the discussion in the seminar

Bring a smartphone, tablet or laptop and notes taken during the selfstudy.


After finishing the preparation material and seminar you must pass a multiple choice test.

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Everyone involved in animal experiments have to maintain and document competence trough continuous practice and education.

Target audience for this course: Researchers at UiB that took their education in LAS equivalent to FELASA C in Norway more than 5 years ago.

For registration to the course send email to aurora.bronstad@uib.no and use the subject "Update course in LAS" together with a copy of your original course certificate.

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Persons performing procedures

Practical training and skills must be documented for persons performing procedures. If not, persons performing procedures shall be supervised when they perform tasks until they have demonstrated that they master the necessary skills. For more information see