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Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway, experienced a large outbreak of giardiasis in the autumn of 2004. Around 1300 individuals had a laboratory confirmed diagnosis, but it is estimated that 5-6 000 people were infected with the parasite Giardia lamblia. The outbreak was caused by faecal contamination of Svartediket, one of the cities main water supplies.

This event provided the impetus for various studies, including research on the outbreak dynamics, genotypes of Giardia lamblia, and the diagnostic value of laboratory tests. As some people did not fully recover from their giardiasis infections, further research efforts have concentrated upon a large group of patients who suffered long-term effects following Giardia infection.

BGRG (Bergen Giardia Research Group) is a network of scientists who collaborate in various studies associated with the giardiasis outbreak in Bergen. In this website we will provide information for the general public and other scientists about the research projects with which we are involved.

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